Friday, November 25, 2011

a new portfolio of prints

for some time I have been thinking of a set of prints, with just one word printed on a single sheet - a few weeks ago I started, taking a color-word, like PINK or RED, and printing it in a color which is not that of the word - an example is the RED print I posted here a little while ago - I've also been following Aaron Cohick's NewLightsPress blog where he recorded progress on a Kyle Schlesinger book in which he printed all the poems, overlaid on each other, on the book's cover - so I decided to see what would happen if I took just one sheet and did the same with the set of color prints - and the image above is the result - the sequence of colors was unplanned, taking each one as it occurred to me to do - but looking at it now, if I were to plan it, I'd probably print the more opaque colors first, and if I'd been a bit quicker of mind I'd have printed the same number of sheets as the rest of the edition - so there's only one of the above - the edition itself is nine copies of nine colors, with a separate titlepage and colophon page, printed in various wood types on damped Magnani handmade wove 270gsm paper and titled COLORWORDS, and will be issued as loose sheets in a drop-back box, priced at AUD$1200 the set - the boxes will be ready by christmas - by all means email me with any enquiries