Monday, March 5, 2012

Adventure & Art

Aventur und Kunst is what Johann Gutenberg - Johnny Goodhill, or, if your take his given name Johann Gensfleisch, Johnny Gooseflesh - is reputed to have called the art of printing - and is title of the Melbourne exhibition & symposium to be launched Friday 9 March - among the distinguished guests will be Jorge Alberto Lozoya, Mexican Ambassador to Malaysia, who was pivotal in developing CODEX MEXICO, an affiliate body to the CODEX FOUNDATION - Jorge will talk at the symposium on how Codex Mexico was set up, to honor & spread the word on the hand-made book in that part of the world - 

here's the front cover of the exhibition catalog, 48 pages, in full color - the cover woodcut is by John Ryrie, and is from Pelican Poems by Adrian Rawlins, printed by John Ryrie at his Incunabula Press, Melbourne 1997 -