Sunday, July 15, 2012

Codex Australia to be launched

amidst everything else happening in this or any other neck of the woods ("the neck of the woods is everywhere" saith the poet) - the big thing happening for the book in Melbourne is the public launch of CODEX AUSTRALIA on Tuesday August 7 at the Leigh Scott Room at the University of Melbourne at 6pm for 6.30pm - Susan Millard, Acting Curator at the Baillieu Library and Alan Loney will be the speakers - a number of Australian books by contemporary book artists (Carolyn Fraser, Bruno Leti, Petr Herel, Peter Lyssiotis, Alan Loney) will be on display before being sent off to Washington DC to join the CodexMexico exhibition at the Mexican Cultural Institute in September/October this year - and various aspects of the organisation and its programs will also be announced on the night - most invitations will be sent by email (contact me if you want to get one) and a few handprinted invitations have been printed by 'the present writer' - and can be seen spread out to dry here -