Sunday, April 28, 2013

with Carolee Campbell at CODEX 2013

I'd like to write heaps on what I saw, thought, heard, felt, & otherwise experienced & who I met at CODEX 2013 in Berkeley in February this year - and I will, over time, say a few things about that - but I wanted here to show one photograph kindly taken with printer/book artist Carolee Campbell at her Ninja Press table - her table was one of four tables at the Book Fair which featured fine books of my writings, in her case my poem The Sirens which can be seen a bit at lower left of the picture - 

while I'm at it, there are a few things I learned while at the Symposium & Book Fair, one of the most interesting being this : that, while in Australia letterpress as a primary book-making technology is a minority practice, in the US letterpress is the norm - when keynote speaker Sandro Berra of the Tipoteca Italiana Fondazione put this up on the big screen -        There is No Way to Letterpress
Letterpress is the Way
the whole audience almost cheered in agreement - but what was also brilliantly clear in so many of the tables there was that North American book artists & many Germans also (tho there are no doubt others, I was unable to get around all or even most of the 180 tables at the Fair) are wonderfully adept at adding computer, laser, and digital technologies to their already established repertoire of letterpress technologies in their making of books -