Friday, May 24, 2013

production halted on Jenson's Greek

there are times, and this week is one of them, when a risk one takes just doesn't pay off at all - the purchase of 120 sheets of handmade paper one's never used before - and I now find it is not taking the ink either like nice damped paper is supposed to do or as dry paper sometimes does - and naturally the paper is already cut to the sheet size of the proposed book etc - I hope Miriam can use it for drawing - and, &, AND, I have to admit that my Dante type, 12 on 14pt, is now too worn for a book - so Jenson's Greek will have to wait until I get fresh type in from the U.S. - and fresh paper from er, well, somewhere! - over the next few days I will therefore bring another book forward, for which I have had only the most rudimentary ideas and almost nothing 'down on paper' as they say - its title? -