Tuesday, December 31, 2013

last day of the year

I have no idea what ought, or ought not, be said at such a time - having myself no interest or need in the business of so-called "celebrating" any day (xmas, new year, birthday etc) it remains, even after all this time, a problem for me to figure out what, for others, all the fuss is about - time takes no notice of these apparent markers, nor does the poem, nor does the book, nor does love, nor do the turtle-doves I feed in the mornings, always before I feed myself - 
         yet the quiet hiatus provided by the general social shut-down at this time does provide me with a bit of space - from printing and from organising CODEX 2014 - in which to think about how I'd like to proceed from now on - 
         at such times, I am usually tempted to make overt & all-too-definite pronouncements about what is or aint gonna emerge from this printery henceforth - but I'm too aware of the dangers of that - too many recantings in the past - 
         if anything now, an openness rather than the almost desperate & almost useless planning I have tried to do before - if only I can do this & achieve that, then all will be well etc etc etc  - 
         to make a book in the same way I make a poem - 
         to make a book in the same way I make a poem -
         to make a book in the same way I make a poem - 

you can see the problem

always, at the beginning, with no starting blocks or wall to push away from -

as a kid, swimming in the Hutt River 
to move off somewhere only 
to step into a pothole - 

nevertheless, may you all
have a great 2014