Friday, January 10, 2014

the first Hawk Press title

signalled a few days ago, the first Haw Press title is almost ready for production - it is Emailing flowers to Mondrian, and will be printed digitally in 100 copies at $30 each, including parcel & postage. The full color cover will show a drawing by Max Gimblett - Publication date will be mid February - and this is from the book's Foreword

This poem is made by taking phrases verbatim from emails between myself & Max Gimblett after the poem Mondrian’s flowers was written and before pictures that were made for the poem were begun. The resultant publication was Mondrian’s flowers, published by Steve Clay at Granary Books, New York 2002. The original emails are often detailed about the original poems and often personal between poet and artist, and while they are a precise register of an enjoyable conversation they also carry a burden of ‘other matters’ which neither of us wish to launch into the domain. The poem then seeks to lift the burden of the emails but keep some of the words to see if they remain active on their own terms. 

copies can be ordered by emailing me and payments done thru PayPal to me at my email address -