Sunday, November 23, 2014

did you say 'Green Crackle'?

and here it is, made by hand at Cave Paper, Minneapolis - I have now used several papers made by them (Amanda Degener & Bridget O'Malley) for book covers - and no doubt I will continue to use them - mind you, when damped they respond to water as if an electric shock has passed thru them, bubbling up 'before your very eyes', but they do settle down & behave - patience is everything here, and putting the damped paper in a self-seal plastic bag with no weights on it at all, and leaving it for a couple of hours does the trick - anyway, the crackle is made this way (according to the Cave sample book) : Gelatin size is applied as a resist on flax paper. Then the sheet is submerged in an earthy green pigment - as many Cave papers are patterned (tho not regularly or geometrically) in some way, it means that every sheet is different and every cut from each sheet is different from other cuts from the same sheet - a nice randomness that I much admire and enjoy using -