Monday, February 16, 2015

new book from Mixolydian Editions

word has it that it was Sappho who invented the ancient Mixolydian mode for the lyre (a scale close to playing the white notes on the piano from B to B) - her influence, tho still active among us, can still serve as a benchmark that so many of us poets fail to match - if we are, as printers, still trying to catch up with Gutenberg, then can we also be seen, as poets, still trying to catch up with Sappho - 

Richard Wagener's Mixolydian Editions has just released Vestige, five wood engravings by the printer and eleven poems by 'the present writer' - it has just been shown at CODEX V, tho sadly I was unable to be in California for this year's book event - here's the colophon - 

Vestige was designed and printed by Richard Wagener at Mixolydian Editions, Petaluma, California. The text was composed in Monotype Bembo and cast by Patrick Reagh, Sebastopol, California and printed on handmade Twinrocker paper. The engravings were printed from boxwood blocks on handmade Yamagampi paper. Deirdre Hassed, Melbourne, Australia, created the calligraphic title. The book was bound by Lisa Van Pelt in Philo, California using handmade Twinrocker paper for the cover. The slipcase was made with handmade paper from Papeterie St-Armand, Montreal.

The edition is limited to 36 signed and numbered copies for sale. In addition, there are 9 artist and studio proofs, and 5 copies hors de commerce. 32 pages, 13 x 6.75 inches. US$750.00.

Orders may be placed through, or at 818.599.0945. Individual prints may be available upon request.

this book is the second collaboration I have had the privilege of being involved in with Richard, the first being Loom, published by Nawakum Press, California - and it is a great pleasure too that the title lettering was done by my Melbourne friend Deirdre Hassed -