Saturday, December 31, 2011

three sites for sure eyes

here are three brilliant sites I have found for the first time this morning - one letterpress, one wood type, and one marriage of wood type & new technologies - here they are -

Virgin Wood Type
the brain & hand child of Bill Jones, who is making new wood type, mainly of traditional, historical origin - his blog is tremendously informative, with good pictures & videos -

Letterpress Daily
very nice for letterpress information, often showing a type in metal or wood and then a printed version - David Wolske is informed and interesting, and also involved in the -

Vista Sans Wood Type Project
a collaborative international project using wood type 'for the 21st century' - nothing retro or old-fashioned funky here, just beautiful design & printing with new wood type in fine combinations of traditional and new technological thinking & processes -

I'm highlighting these sites because they show to me just how much, after all these years, I don't know and haven't explored - I cannot recommend them too highly