Tuesday, January 31, 2012

the mystique of damped paper

John Denny of Puriri Press, Auckland, New Zealand has kindly sent in the following note about some of his experience of damping paper - 

. . . I've been meaning to contact you re damping of paper. Beth Serjeant and I have had success freezing damped paper in between printings. The record so far is six months in the freezer between printing text and image. I've installed a special little freezer in the garage just for handling paper, and it's most useful being able to yank a piece out, let it thaw, and have it almost instantly ready for use. Even after six months, the paper was beautifully limp and not at all wet, and printed perfectly

and Philip Gallo of Hermetic Press sent me a nice little card about which he wrote the following - 

cover damped 10am; printed
1:00pm, the same day - all
3 colors.

held one week; inside
re-misted, printed interior -
held one more day -
colophon printed
All told - eight days - 

I'm now getting very interested in experiences that are somewhat outside the usual assumptions about the vulnerability of the paper-damping process - and would like to hear from anyone with experiences of the same order - and thank here Philip & John for their permission to post