Friday, January 27, 2012

two more eyes for you

having been somewhat quiet over January, it's time to get this space moving again - and it starts with two blogs I have found, one sent to me by Juergen Wegner in Australia, and the other by the printer himself -

this is the blog of James Mosley who, according to one source, is Visiting Professor in the Department of Typography & Graphic Communication at the University of Reading. He retired as Librarian of the St Bride Printing Library in London, 1999, and was founding editor of the Journal of the Printing Historical Society. He received the annual award of the American Printing History Association for contributions to printing history in 2003. His blog is full of detailed, interesting information about type & type history. Here it is -

the fresh new blog of Norman McKnight, handpress printer (uses a Pratt-Albion handpress, as I do) at Philoxenia Press. I wonder if it's possible, perhaps even desirable at this early stage, to document the Pratt-Albions, list their owners, serial numbers & dates etc. In any case, Norman's Philoxenia Press is a fine mix of the traditional and the quirky, worth following in my view as a further sense of what the handpress may do, even on such a small press. Ephimeros (in ancient Greek the accent is on the second syllable) means, according to my lexicon, longed for, desired: delightful, agreeable.  Here it is -