Monday, April 13, 2015

more Richard Wagener in 'Vestige'

when noting Vestige way back on February 16 I should have included one of Richard Wagener's wood engravings, and I thus rectify that omission here - the are five in the book, all with the central colors different on different colored backgrounds - all of the colors are very soft and seem to sink into or emerge from the paper, which is a very thin, fragile, Japanese handmade yamagampi paper which rests on a blank sheet of sturdier Twinrocker as a kind of support behind it - all the poems were written to be of the same length as the poem shown, each to fit closely the size of the central image in the engraving - it's another example where the prints came first and the poems after, a reversal of the more common process of making images to follow texts - I understand there are still copies of Vestige available, tho the earlier collaboration between Richard & myself, Loom, published by David Pascoe's Nawakum Press (see Nawakum's new website, it's splendid) is out of print - the picture above was taken by Richard -