Tuesday, April 28, 2015

stocktaking 4

another nice photograph by Bruno Leti, in this case of Mouseion Museum, in just 15 copies with 12 for sale - there is one copy left - the poem is made up from passages in my The books to come (Cuneiform Press 2010) - it's on Cave handmade paper, printed in silver at the Pratt-Albion handpress, with Dante, Libra, & Open Kapitalen types - the image is made with brass rules on loan from Otakou Press at University of Otago, New Zealand - and the book is 170 x 130 mm in a blue cloth-covered box - I like the way the shifting colors of the paper alter the colors of the type, and each page is colored differently from page to page and copy to copy - it is I think one of the most condensed accounts of my own engagement with words, with the poem, and with the book I have put together - here's another poem from the work - 

                     the muses as
                              THE LIBRARY
                              THE BOOKS
                     wherever they are
                     a library which has
                               no opening
                               or closing hours
                     that we never visit
                               and never leave
                     in which we inevitably