Tuesday, May 12, 2015

a poetry reading, no less

here's a great poster/sign in the Helvetican tradition, for the eighth in a series of poetry readings organised by Bonny Cassidy - this will be the first poetry reading in which I have read my own work for years - I read a Martin Harrison poem at a memorial reading for him last year - and I read from Crankhandle at the launch last week - but this is the first 'proper' reading for a long time - the name Sporting Poets derives from an earlier name of the pub where the readings are held, The Sporting Club, but a recent name-change has severed that verbal connection - I'm not sure what I'll read yet, but I have this notion that I might link pieces from all of my limited edition books as a way of airing what usually is not available for purchase here - or, because Crankhandle is a continuation of my Notebooks, I might read from the first volume (Sidetracks 1991) and Melbourne Journal (unpublished) - there is plenty of time in which to change what's left of my mind -