Saturday, May 9, 2015

stocktaking 5

these two pictures are from Soma : guarding the body, a set of poems made up from various translations of fragments from the preSocratic philosophers - the prospectus says : 'I first encountered the preSocratic philosophers in Kathleen Freeman’s translation in  the early 1960s. The poems are derived from several different translations of the preSocratics, with additions, omissions, alterations and even downright distortions by the author. While none of my speculations should be attributed to the translating poets and scholars, I nevertheless dedicate this book to them, for most of us know little of the beginnings of secular thought in the West without their labor. The paper is Magnani handmade 160gsm damped for printing on a Pratt-Albion handpress with Giovanni Mardersteig’s Dante types. The images are made from brass rules and other type decorations, with some handwork, especially with hand-wielded rollers, by the author.'  Binding and slipcases by Wolfgang Schaefer. 230x140mm, 48 pages. Edition is 30 copies, 26 of which, lettered A to Z, are for sale.  There are still three copies available.