Friday, September 23, 2011

Anne of the Iron Door

my new novella, Anne of the Iron Door, (pub. Black Pepper Publishing, Melbourne), was recently launched at Readings Bookshop in Carlton, Melbourne by Alex Skovron. It's a fable based on historical documents relating to Johann Gutenberg (The Gutenberg Documents, ed. Douglas C McMurtrie, OUP New York 1941), but bearing little or no relation to what can be known. The blurb says : "In the city of Strasbourg in 1436, a woman sued the father of printing, Johann Gutenberg, for breach of promise. Her name was Ennelin zu der Iserin Tur, in English, Anne of the Iron Door. The outcome of the court case is not known, but it is known that Gutenberg never married, and he did pay taxes for 'another person' in Strasbourg sometime before 1440. . . . Of Anne we know almost nothing beyond her remarkable name. In Alan Loney's extraordinary fable he uses the historical documents to weave a fictional life for Anne, almost purely for the purpose of keeping her name alive." 
         The book can be ordered  from Black Pepper here -

and for Alex Skovron's speech at the launch, go here