Monday, September 19, 2011

if not in paint

printing is now complete for Marion May Campbell's if not in paint - and the boxes are due for delivery in a few days. Here's what part of the cover looked like, an eight-line (96pt) seriffed wood type of unknown provenance, but looking like De Vinne, inked up, in the press 

and here's the finished cover, printed on damped handmade Fabriano Roma paper, and the other type is Libra, designed by S H de Roos for the Typefoundry Amsterdam in 1939 -

it's intriguing to me that most use of wood type tends to emphasise a kind of clunkiness or solidity that some feel is somehow the 'essence' of wood type - but I think it is as capable of as much subtlety, flexibility and elegance as any other type, and color is part of the key to that - here the color is straight from the process yellow can as is the Fire Red for the overprint, both Handschy Inks