Thursday, October 6, 2011

CODE(X)+1 Monographs 1 to 6

the second batch of three Codex monographs is now out from The Codex Foundation - the first three look a  bit like this -
#1 = Robert Bringhurst, Why there are pages and why they must turn
#2 = Peter Rutledge Koch, ART : definition five (and other writings)
#3 = Alan Loney, Each new book  [all in 2008]

the next three -
#4 = Ulrike Stoltz & Uta Schneider, <USUS>, Typography, and artists' books (2010)
#5 = Russell Maret, Visionaries & fanatics : type design & the private press (2010)
#6 = Didier Mutel, Acide Brut : Manifesto (2011)

all six monographs are available individually or in a slip-cased set at The Codex Foundation

the series is continuing, and is intended to exhibit a range of thinking about the field in which many of us choose to work - what sort of field is it, how do we make good decisions in its parameters, what are those parameters, are they real, how do they connect or disconnect with other modes of 'making book' or of how we & others talk about making book, what language do we talk, is it legitimate, descriptive, prescriptive, how do theory & practice support, undermine, or give the lie to each other, what sort of thing is the book anyway, it's a weird object to be so fetishised within literate cultures, how do we understand such a thing etc etc etc -