Wednesday, October 26, 2011

next Electio book

while this might be what the Melbourne sky looks like on this shining morning, it is in fact a sheet of handmade paper from Cave Paper in Minnesota (run by Bridget O'Malley & Amanda Degener) - labelled 'Cloudy Sky' it will cover the boards of the next Electio edition, Picture Day, poems by Kyle Schlesinger with letterpress prints by "the present writer" as the saying goes - Kyle is the proprietor/printer of Cuneiform Press, currently in Victoria, Texas - his blog site is here
         this will be the third title in the alphabeta series, the others being Sourdough by Tony Green and if not in paint by Marion May Campbell - I'll be printing a prospectus for Picture Day on the handpress, and copies can be had by contacting me - the book itself will be issued in 40 copies, including 8 hors commerce on Magnani handmade paper in Dante type, and will be signed by poet & printer, with the price at AUD $260