Friday, October 7, 2011

Printer in residence at University of Otago

as I was printer in residence at Otakou Press in 2008, I have a continuing interest in its doings, and this year PiR John Denny of Puriri Press in Auckland has printed a book of poems by Peter Olds, titled Skew-Whiff, with eight images by artist Kathryn Madill. The book's handprinted in 100 copies only and enquiries should be directed to Donald Kerr at Special Collections, University of Otago Library - donald.kerr(at)otago(dot) - and to find out more about Peter Olds, go here - and about Kathryn Madill, go here -  

as part of the book, Peter had photographed a lot of graffiti around the city, and the 'Centrefold' spread, in which printer & poet have laid out some of that material, looks like this -